You are going to fail.

As inevitable as spilling coffee on yourself before work,

as telling the woman at the concession stand to enjoy the movie too,

as dropping the overpriced mug you just bought on the hard tile floor,

as checking his instagram the day after you breakup,

as bleeding through the tampon,

as sleeping though the alarm,

as ruining the white shirt,

tripping on the crack

forgetting the name

deleting the draft

arriving late —

Yes. You are going to fail in these ways and much, much worse.

But here’s the catch, the redemptive loophole, the end left open for your own interpretation:

Your potential is more resilient than your failure.

Bend, stretch, bounce your soul  — beauty lingers there yet.


RESPECT (I’m Actually Going to Tell You What it Means to Me)

I am neurotically careful about the opinions I share with others. To clarify further, I don’t even really like sharing my opinions with others. This is not because I am opinion-less; to be honest, I actually consider myself a pretty strongly opinionated person. This tends to confuse people. Continue reading

On Managing Relationships

(Written April 2, 2013)

Sometimes, I wish I could have just one solitary friend in the world; perhaps two.

We could talk to only each other, but also not talk to only each other.

We could spend our days together without worrying about social statutes or kindness but we could just be. And be together.

Our days would be filled with one another and no one else.

But real life, or at least my life, does not work that way.

There are film friends and home friends and dorm friends and a boyfriend and acquaintances and so many people to keep happy and involved in my life that I get overwhelmed and begin to resent it. I begin to resent that there are so many people in my life and that I have to constantly work so hard to keep them there.

I get so fed up that I tell myself just drop a few, Kristy. Cut out anyone unnecessary from your life. You don’t need them. And more importantly, they don’t need youFrankly, this is a lie. All the people I have in my life are wonderful. They support me. They treat me well. They make my days brighter and my nights clearer.

It just gets difficult sometimes to constantly be giving myself away.

They (oh yes, the ominous “they”) say that it’s better to do one thing well that 10 things alright.

I wonder if that might be the same relationships. Maybe it would be better to have one or two strong relationships that I put the majority of my time and effort into instead of tons of relationships that I half-commit myself to. Hmm.