You are going to fail.

As inevitable as spilling coffee on yourself before work,

as telling the woman at the concession stand to enjoy the movie too,

as dropping the overpriced mug you just bought on the hard tile floor,

as checking his instagram the day after you breakup,

as bleeding through the tampon,

as sleeping though the alarm,

as ruining the white shirt,

tripping on the crack

forgetting the name

deleting the draft

arriving late —

Yes. You are going to fail in these ways and much, much worse.

But here’s the catch, the redemptive loophole, the end left open for your own interpretation:

Your potential is more resilient than your failure.

Bend, stretch, bounce your soul  — beauty lingers there yet.


I used to be a good writer.

I used to be a good writer.

I was blessed and cursed throughout my adolescent years with a generous amount of natural intelligence, and while I wasn’t a genius by any means, I generally didn’t need to study to do well on tests. My GPA was somewhere in the high-3s and more often than not, I was complemented for my knowledge rather than my looks or people skills (I had, and have, very few of either). Continue reading

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Edition II)

Well, it’s that time again.

Time for me to tell you about some of the things I like and why I like them.

In case you don’t remember: Over the next few weeks/ months/ years/ decades/ centuries/ however long I keep this up, I’ll occasionally be posting my  favorite “things” in certain areas- films, books, songs, albums, teas, animals, etc. AND AND AND I’ll even tell you a bit about why I love them and find them so intriguing! For the sake of time management, I’m only going to be doing two at a time. Hopefully, you’ll find this interesting, and I’ll find it enjoyable (because I love talking about my favorite things!)!

Today’s topic…  Continue reading