Week 39 (Sept 24 – Sept 30)

A little late on this post, but that’s alright! Life was happening, and what’s a schedule without a little breaking?

Actually, though, it feels good to sit myself down and still do this, even if it’s late. Doesn’t have to be perfect – just needs to exist.

And many things happened this past week!

She run.

I was still feeling sick during the week, but it started to clear up a bit going into the weekend. I was able to run a few miles, but still didn’t push myself too hard (ended up with 3 miles). Excitingly, I finally got some new running shoes!! I stuck with the Nike Pegasus, but got the newer version of it. I like the look and feel, and hope this well help with a bit of knee tenderness I’ve felt lately (nothing horrible… just enough for me to finally cave and get the new shoes I’ve probably needed for a month or so now.)

First family dinner of the week, on Saturday night. Grandma made a FEAST.

Twice this week, I got to have dinner with my family / grandmother! We stayed away from talk of politics, for the most part, which was… 100% for the best, in this circumstance! It’s been a heated week – there are many things I’m angry about. Many things that make me disappointed. Many things that I know my more conservative family members would disagree with, that frankly, I didn’t have the energy to combat. So it was nice to just spend time together, and talk about other things – work, knitting projects, what shows we’re watching.

On Sunday night, my grandma took me to a restaurant called The Hobbit to celebrate my birthday. It was one of the best (and classiest!!) dining experiences I’ve ever had. When you first arrive, the hostess presents you with a glass of champagne, then ushers you down to the wine cellar, where you get to walk around, look at fancy bottles of wine, and munch on appetizers (I had caviar for the first time!! And some kind of pâté!). After 30 or so minutes, they bring upstairs to your table, where you proceed to have 5 COURSES of so many tasty dishes!!! Duck with black rice ! Papaya salad with beets! A sorbet palate cleanser! I made an effort to try every single thing, because the chefs here know what they’re doing.


During the intermission (because yes, this meal had it’s own intermission), we got to go back to the kitchen to see where all the food is made. My grandma had mentioned to me before that it was tiny, but I didn’t really conceptualize it until I saw it in person. It was no bigger than a normal, household kitchen, just equipped with an industrial oven, lots of hanging space (for pots, pans, etc), and an island in the middle for all the plating (34 guests with 5 courses each!!!!).

The whole experience was so lovely, and so special to share with my grandma. The dinner lasted nearly 4 hours, but it never felt like we ran out of conversation. It’s one of the first times we’ve really spent extended time alone together, outside of a family party, with dozens of other people nearby. It was certainly a night to remember.


Finally, I’ll end with the fact that I started reading a new, purely fun book. Which obviously means another romance novel by Lisa Kleypas, because why the hell not. This one is the second in her Wallflower Series – Secrets of a Summer Night. Annabelle and Simon HATE each other, until they don’t, and make sweet sweet love because they are MFEO (Made For Each Other).

My roommate loves to bring up how strange it is that I read romance novels, because in my personal life, I’m very contentedly single, and also pretty non-physically affectionate. I don’t know why I like them, really. They’re just silly, lighthearted, so entirely unrelated to anything in my real life. They feel like gossip about people I don’t know. Aaaand – that’s all. I’m tired and want to go to bed.


This has been a post.

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