Week 32 (August 6 – August 12)

This week started off. Not. Great.

It’s been a weird few weeks. I’ve been feeling stuck recently, and unsure about the future, or what I want from my life. Hey Google – how do I be happy?

Well, for starters, Kristy, do what you know you always should: read Ellen Bass again.


I feel like I have this mental master list of things I know will always make me feel better, but somehow I always forget about it when I most need it. Included on this list: listening to David Bowie, reading poetry by Ellen Bass or Mary Oliver, rewatching The Office, drinking a cappuccino and lazily reading at an air-conditioned coffee shop, staring at an ocean or a valley or meadow or really just any large expanse of nature.

Sometimes it helps to feel small when you’re already feeling… small. That sounded much more poetic in my mind, but whatever. I GOT TO DO A FEW OF THESE THINGS THIS WEEK.

On Saturday, I had a work event in Agora Heights. It was a pretty long drive to get there, but I was listening to a wildly engaging podcast so it was fine (“Homecoming,” by Gimlet Media. Very addictive! Even more so than Sandra! Also Oscar Isaac is one of the voice actors. So. Do you need anything more to convince you to listen?).


After the party ended, I went to a nearby coffee shop called Old Truck (because it’s literally… in… an old truck) and drank the best almond milk latte I’ve had in my entire life. Before heading home, I took a small detour to the Malibu coast and went on a run! (Admittedly not my best idea after drinking a latte and no water all day… but whatever). It was a pretty warm day, but thankfully there was a nice breeze down by the beach.

The Malibu coastline is so beautiful! I feel like I should have known this, growing up in California, and I probably could have guessed it. But it was nice to feel some appreciation for this state I call home, and to get to run somewhere new and scenic (and still flat! yay).


I didn’t meet running goal, but that’s okay. The runs I had felt good, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get into a better rhythm this coming week, because I won’t be as exhausted from saving all the miles I want to run until the very end of the week. Ha.

Finally, I finished Crazy Rich Asians late last night. Here’s my review!

I love gossip; handsome, well-educated men; and beautifully described food. This. Book. Has. All. Three.

And more!

This was a perfect vacation read – indulgent, silly, meaningful, and ultimately smile-inducing. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book I couldn’t put down, but last night it was 1:30am on a work night, and sat huddled on my bed, feverishly reading through the final few chapters as I struggled to keep my eyes opened.

– Kwon does a wonderful job of weaving a handful of stories together, going in and out of various cities and character arcs. One chapter you’re in New York, the next Singapore, the next Hong Kong, the next Australia. One of the best qualities of this novel was that I never felt like one storyline outweighed the others, or that one was far more exciting than the others. (There are always those “group” stories where you only care about one of the couples, and you just want to skip everything so you can read the good parts.)
-I also appreciated that while the story is centered around Rachel and Nick’s “relationship,” it’s not blatantly a love story.

Cons (also, some spoilers!):
-The ending wrapped up rather quickly. I feel like for 400 pages, Rachel and Nick were relatively stable and in love. Then in a huge rush, the climactic breakup happens… and then they get back together just a few chapters later? It felt a bit rushed at the end. I could tell there were only a few pages left and I kept thinking “How is this all going to wrap up so fast?” It did – and it certainly helps to know that there are 2 more books that flesh out the rest of the story. But still.

Overall, very glad to have read this, and I just picked up the second book from Barnes & Noble today, so… consider me hooked! 

This week’s cover: “The Heart of Life,” by John Mayor

I randomly heard this song earlier in the week and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. So pleasant and hopeful – it’s made me feel a lot better going into this next week. Please listen for some p nice singing imo, and then some very struggling whistling at the end. CUTE.


This has been a post!

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