Week 31 (July 3 – August 5)


This week, my aunt sent along a recipe for paleo “brownies” that she’d made for us for Hume Lake this year. They were a huge hit, so I was glad to get the recipe for myself and IMMEDIATELY MAKE THEM. No, this did not act as dinner for me on multiple night’s this week. Why do you ask?

I binge listened to a mostly wonderful podcast called Sandra this week, produced by Gimlet Media. I really like the podcasts they produce – specifically The Habitat, which I listened to a little earlier this year. Their stories are always original, a bit science-y, and make me marvel a bit about the human condition.

Sandra was… mostly good. I loved the first 5 episodes, the voice acting, the world they created in such a short amount of time. I loved the female driven narrative and the fact that Helen works in the bird department. What I didn’t love was the ending! The podcast was so strong up until the second half of the sixth episode (of seven), when (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) Tad turns evil? I didn’t even necessarily hate that – I think there’s a really valuable message to be found in a one-sided story seeming so clear until the other side is revealed. I didn’t like that the narrative then turned into a thriller chance, though. And how abruptly it ended! I think there has so be a better differentiation between a cliffhanger and a literal, like, NOT ENDING. Maybe they’re hoping for a second season? Still. I didn’t feel excited to hear more – I felt gyped from a substantial tie-up of events.

I AM PROUD OF MYELF FOR HITTING 7 MILES AGAIN THIS WEEK. But – I need to pull myself out of this rhythm of saving all my miles until the very end of the week. This weekend I ran 5.5 miles because I kept putting it off during the work week and only mustered 1.5 miles on Tuesday. (I am impressed I was able to grind through those all in 2 days, but good lord kristy, help yourself out a bit).

On Sunday, I went to Ikea (along with the rest of the world, apparently) to 1) escape the SoCal heat and 2) find a new reading chair. I’ve wanted a nice, big, comfy, loungy reading chair for a while now, but don’t currently have the space for one in my tiny apartment. I want to be able to cross my legs underneath me, get balled up in front of a window, and read in a nice, air-conditioned room. GOD. WHAT LUXURY.

I think I’ll end up going with the Stocksund armchair – it’s wide and plush, comfortable but not too slouchy. One more month!!!

Speaking of reading, I’ve made significant progress in Crazy Rich Asians this week. The narrative really hit it’s stride, and I found myself powering through chapter after chapter without even realizing it – one of my very most favorite feelings. I don’t often get lost entirely in books. I try to make myself read all kinds of books – often one’s that aren’t necessarily indulgent and entertainingly captivating. I’ve loved getting to lose myself in this story though – in the drama, the deception, the family ties and unlikely friendships. Wee!


I’ll end this week just acknowledging that I have wonderful people in my life. I don’t always feel it, recognize, it, appreciate it fully. Day to day life is so easy to get muddled by. Today was both good and bad – lots of kindness and admittedly, a few tears. But I want to hang on to the beautiful moments of today – a shared meal, a knowing look between friends, a barista with a lovely sense of humor.

Here’s Oh, You Pretty Things by David Bowie, a favorite of mine, and a comfort in times of stress. The first time I ever listened to this song, it already felt nostalgic, reminiscent, comforting. All things I have felt, or want, or needed this week.


This has been a post.

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