Week 30 (July 23rd – July 29th)


So last week I was in a mood. It was amazing to go camping for a few days, but I think my mind finally had time to process though a lot of fears I’ve been having around the future, and I just couldn’t calm my mind down enough to write a classic post. Not mad about it though! I’m glad I was finally able to express some of it in writing, when it feels like for so long, it had been wordlessly ruminating in my mind, without clear form.

Feeling much better now – let’s get back to biz as usual!


I missed work on Monday and Tuesday so that I could spend a bit more time camping! We read and walked and ate and talked. Unfortunately, right when we arrived on Friday, I got a huge knot in my back that made me pretty uncomfortable for the first couple of days. Why, back?? Why choose the one weekend I’m sleeping in the woods to randomly give out?? I can’t even remember doing anything that would have affected it so much. Thankfully, my aunt was able to loan me some magic salve that I rubbed on every night to help me sleep. After a few days (and a few massages, thanks to my aunt and dad!) I felt a whole lot better (of course, though, this was right in time for me to leave!! agh).

I started reading Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan, while camping at Hume Lake. It’s the perfect read for a lazy, lake-side vacation. Beyond its fun indulgent storyline, though, there’s a real artistry to the storytelling. So many narratives weave in and out of each other seamlessly – it’s easy to forget how much work this must take! I really like Kwan’s literary voice and informative footnotes! Excited to keep reading, even now after vacation is over.


The drive back to reality on Tuesday afternoon was a bit melancholy, knowing that the rest of my family was still up on the mountain together, and I was headed back to work (again, I think last week’s post sums up the weirdness I felt pretty well). But! Onward we go, because what else is there to do.

I did successfully run 7 miles this week!!! LORD KNOWS I was dragging my feet at the end, and almost convinced myself to forget about it. But I didn’t! In all honesty, sticking to 7 miles a week is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I expected it to be around the same amount of difficulty as the last 6 months, but it’s so much harder! Those last 2-3 miles just linger until the very end, where I begrudgingly drag myself out of my apartment and go for it. (Once I’m running, it’s not that bad. It’s the getting myself to run that I find more and more difficult as the week goes on!)

I’D ALSO LIKE TO MENTION THOUGH – it’s been a billion degrees outside recently. Running isn’t just more difficult because I decided to tack on miles – it’s so much warmer now! So much sweat! So many showers! It feels like so much more of an ordeal to run in the summer than to run in any other season.


Finally! Sugar. I saved a bunch of days for Hume Lake so I could eat whatever I wanted there and not feel weird about it (yay planning ahead, sort of!). Saturday/Sunday of last week and Monday/Tuesday of this week were all cheat days. I stayed mostly in line this week, but I went to my cousins graduation party this Saturday and had a wonderful piece of lemon cake. AND I DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. I’m learning moderation. I’m learning to let myself have the piece of cake on a special day, but not gorge on it literally all the time. And this is good.

I… am going to take the L on no musical cover this week because frankly I’m tired and don’t want to worry about it right now! Maybe I’ll edited it in tomorrow.


This has been a post!

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