Week 27 (July 2nd – July 8th)


God, I love sugar.


And it’s in every. damn. thing.

That said – I actually survived this week! I lived with this god awful decision I’ve committed myself to*, and honestly… it wasn’t as god awful as I’d made it out to be in my mind. Having a conscious goal to NOT EAT SUGAR made it easier to adhere to the rule, rather than ambiguously telling myself ~I should be healthier~. It’s also definitely helpful having cheat days. It’s not saying goodbye to sugar forever! Just for a bit.

No real body changes yet – from what I can tell. I don’t weigh myself super regularly (and honestly, am not looking to start doing that), so I’m just going off how my body looks and feels. I haven’t had any CRAZY cravings, although I do find myself getting quite snack-y in the evenings (this is not new news. It’s just weird excluding sugar from the options). For now, I’ve been sticking to frozen fruit (nice, since it’s been BONKERS HOT in CA the past few days) or coconut sugar cookies.

I ACTUALLY RAN 7 MILES THIS WEEK. Around Wednesday night, I was honestly doubting I would make it. The week started off busy – I’ve been apartment searching, a task that’s sucked up my free time like a vengeful vacuum. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking task to find a new place to live. There is so much possibility – so many possible amenities! But also the constant fear that you might not find something just right. You want a well-located, air-conditioned, pet-friendly, parking-spot-having 2 bedroom apartment at a reasonable price? God help you.

Anyways – by Thursday night, I was faced with the reality that I hadn’t run AT ALL. I quickly (lol slowly) punched out 2 miles.


Then, Friday was hot.



I considered trying to run for a bout 0.002 seconds, but then immediately decided it was not the day. I would lose this week if I had to.


Saturday, I pulled a magical trick. I waited until the sun had set, so that even if the weather was warm, I didn’t have to deal with the oppressor staring directly at me while I struggled. I ran 1.5 miles, then went to a movie**, and then finished with another 2 miles afterwards. I noticed that my miles were significantly slower than normal. I’m assuming this was because of the heat, and perhaps also from the break in between? I’ve never really run twice in a day, with a gap in between. Nevertheless – I’m quite proud of the system (run-movie-run)! And imagine I will do it more.

I finished off with 1.5 miles on Sunday night, and was absolutely boggled that I’d done it! I’d run 7 miles in the week! Yay, small goals! Yay, overcoming stifling heat!


Cover of the week – Next Year, by Two Door Cinema Club

This has been one of my favorite songs of the past 6 months, and it seems a fun one to start with! I first heard the RAC Remix and was immediately hooked. It’s so easy and carefree sounding. When I listened to the original, I was surprised by the more melancholy tone (Although honestly, it fits with the theme of the song a bit better. And it’s the way they originally wrote the music. So. Checks out.) There is a yearning to the chorus, as if the music is entreating the future… I’m not sure what for. For positive outcome, even when it’s inevitable for things to fall apart?

This is just me getting dramatic now.

It’s a good song.

Here’s my rendition!

(NOTE, POST RECORDING: Yowza, it’s a lot more intimidating to post this than I thought it would be. I listened back and heard the cracks, off notes, tempo variations, lack of breath control. lol. THIS IS THE POINT, KRISTY. Down with the shine. Let be be.)


*(to not consume processed sugar 5 days a week*).I get 2 days off a week, because I don’t want to hate my life. ALSO – I’ve determined that I’m not going to like, punch myself if I consume a small amount of sugar in processed foods that are not sugar based. For example – I’m not going to worry about normal salad dressings that may have a bit of sugar, or peanut butter crackers (a staple in my works break room) that have less than 5g per serving. The goal is to depend less on sugar. While this experiment has already made me more aware of how much sugar is in EVERYTHING, I’m more directly interested in learning how to control my sugar cravings a la candy, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, etc. (good lord) than in policing every little thing I eat.

**Shout out to movie pass / movie theaters for undoubtedly providing a billion people with cool shelter during this heat wave. ALSO. The movie I saw was Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the documentary about Fred Rogers and the legacy he created in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Very well made, very comforting.

This has been a post!

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