Week 25 (June 18 – June 24)


This week was a doozy – much like the last few weeks I’ve mentioned, BUT notably the doozy all the other doozies that have been leading up to. Yes, this week was VidCon, the youtube convention held annually in Anaheim, CA for online content creators and their fans. It’s a fun time for many, a stressful time for many, and a hectic time for me, as I was coordinating multiple episodes of our show to shoot over the course of the weekend.

My work week was all wonky – I got Monday and Thursday off, worked Friday and Saturday, off Sunday, on Monday – all over the place!

It worked out well though, and I enjoyed a few week days off to explore the world at I time I don’t usually get to witness. On the Monday I had off, Jessi, Micah, and I went to Intelligentsia to “work” and “read” and “blog.” Obviously, none of us did any of these things – instead we gossiped like the school girls we know ourselves to be, deep down in our hearts. We also got tacos for dinner, and as I walked home, I saw some really pretty chalk murals!


Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty crazy at work. The long hours and general stress of the week actually put me under my exercise goal again – I think I only ran once! Later in the week, my fitbit died, which didn’t help, because I didn’t have the constant reminder on my arm to keep active and moving. (All this said – it was a week. A particularly hectic week, so I’m giving myself grace.)

On Thursday, I saw Jessi again, looked at some new apartments (We’ll be moving in together again sometime over the next few months! Yay college flashbacks! And like… yay maturity since college!!), and then headed down to Fullerton, where my parents live. It worked out well staying with them for the weekend, since I had to work in Anaheim early every morning.

The weekend was busy, but honestly went more smoothly than I expected, which was nice! I was oddly able to get a lot of work done I hadn’t had time to do in the last few weeks, and it was nice to be surrounded the whole time by fellow creators within the same industry.


One of my favorite aspects of the whole weekend was meeting other coordinators I’d been in contact with and chat with them. Normally, I despise “shop talk” about anything media related, but it was so refreshing to talk to people who understand the tiny dramas of scheduling – how it’s so nice when someone cancels on you early, or shows up earlier than expected. I felt inspired and understood – yay women! Yay coordinating! Yay getting – shit – done!

I had Sunday after the convention off and got to sleep in, hang a bit with my parents, and go to Newport Beach with Kimberly. She and I went to a v trendy cafe right by the harbor. We also went to a local bookshop, got a homemade pop tart from a vendor Kim will actually be working for in a few months, and looked out at the water, talking about life, love, mid-twenties.

It’s been wild. This week, this life.


This has been a post.

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