WEEK 23 (June 4 – June 10)

I’ve been – struggling?- a bit to get back into my blogging groove, post Taiwan/vacation. It’s interesting how some habits take to us like oil to water – we can integrate them into our lives, but no matter how hard we try, they’ll always be an effort. Never blend in quite perfectly.


Surprisingly, running hasn’t been like this for me. It’s certainly been work to get to where I’m at in my practice (damn, who am I, calling this a *~practice~*) but maintaining a 2-3 times per week running routine has been surprisingly… not that difficult to adapt to. Even after taking a break from running for the week I was in Taiwan, I still came back and was able to hop right back in. Maybe a bit slower than before, but the endurance was still there.

Not necessarily so with blogging! Last week and this week, it’s felt like a task to sit down and go back though everything I’ve done – even when I haven’t done much! I’ve also been lagging on picture taking throughout, which normally serves as a way to remind myself of everything that’s been going on. This week, there were lots of flower pictures, screenshots of bumble messages I sent to a friend for approval, aaand – that’s nearly it! Other than the few moments I’m about to go into detail about.


So. This is the breeze – the pulse in my throat. It will be difficult to blog – but I still will, begrudgingly pulling myself to my dusty laptop, and force myself to do this thing that, once done, makes me actually feel very proud, fulfilled, and happy. Ha!

On Tuesday this week, my sister drove out to visit me one last time before she went back to the east coast. We walked up and down the streets I normally walk up and down alone. I showed her all my favorite running spots, shortcuts, places to think or listen to audiobooks or comedy podcasts.


We got dinner and then went back to my apartment where we watched Coco!!! Oh, what fun. It was my first time seeing it, and blessedly, since it’s on Netflix now, it was easy to access. So good! So colorful and bright! So heartwarming and meaningful and important! I also had no idea Gael Garcia Bernal had such a big role in it, so that was a fun surprise. I definitely cried and the end, and cried again as I listened to the soundtrack on the way to work. Things are going great.

Another great work of art I consumed this week – Hamilton, The Revolution. 

What a fun audiobook!

I’m typically pretty picky when it comes to audiobooks – so much of the experience is determined by the narrator, and the life they give to the words on a page. Mariska Hargitay did a wonderful job! I listened to this mostly while running, and I felt engaged in the details the whole time.

It’s fun to read (listen!) to the “behind the scenes” of a musical I’m already a huge fan of. Whenever a song, lyric, or actor was specifically called out, I got so excited, because I knew exactly what was being talked about. It was also eye-opening hearing so many details I never picked up on – even after listening to the soundtrack countless times AND seeing the show in person!

The original stage instructions, acting decisions, costume and prop choices were made with so much heart and intention. You get the impression that everyone truly recognized the relevance and importance of Hamilton from the very first time Lin sang at the White House. As the musical developed, so many people were drawn to work on it – to give this incredible story their attention, artistry, money, and skills to make it as revolutionary as they knew it could be.

I would definitely recommend reading if you’re a fan of the musical, as it gives so much insight into the process of developing this story, and the hard work that went into making it a reality.

(This was copied directly from my goodreads account. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about reviewing the books I’ve read!)


I ended this week by going out to Camarillo to visit with Liz. It had been ages since we’d seen each other – since before she officially graduated from Trinity! Since before I went to Taiwan! Since before so many live changes happened for each of us! (Honestly, it was probably only a month or two. BUT IT FELT QUITE LONGER.)

We made G&Ts with muddled blackberries, ate tamales from Trader Joe’s, and gossiped to our heart’s content. We also got tasty coffee! Literally, the most ideal afternoon with a kindred friend I can imagine.


This has been a post.

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