Week 19 (May 7 – May 13)

Returned some library books*, ran a 5k, and gorged myself on snacks for dinner – a productive evening!

It’s now 11:11pm, time to make some dreams come true. Time to blog while I wait for my tea to brew. (Yowza, I’m a goddamn poet!) I’ll probably keep this post a bit shorter than normal because… drum roll… I’m leaving for Taiwan!!!

Not tonight.

But in almost exactly 3 days from now. I’m trying my best to get my life just the teeniest bit in order before then, because honestly, everything is very anarchic right now. I feel I’ve hardly had a chance to stop and breathe and somehow, this trip that’s been on the books for months is happening so absolutely soon! Life is wild, I’m so ready for this trip, my mind is all over the place, I should probably go to bed soon, let’s goooo.

IMG_7849 2

On Monday, I went on another hike! Which technically bumps me up to meeting my very low stress hiking goal for 2018A. Hooray! It’s been much easier since a group of people from work started going on Monday nights. I’m always paranoid something horrible will happen if I go on a hike alone, so it’s nice to have a group of people to hike with. This week we tackled Wisdom Tree Hike, which was very.. vertical. Entirely. When we got to the top, though, the sun was just setting, and it was so beautiful to look over the whole city.


After not having Wi-Fi for most of the week, I finally managed to get it fixed on Thursday night, and of COURSE the solution was disgustingly simple. Essentially, I just had to reset my router, which I thought I already had, but apparently I didn’t do it the right way. Being disconnected for a bit wasn’t actually horrible – for the most part I just took the time to read more or scroll on my phone. Modern technology is crazy – there I was complaining that I could ~only~ access the internet from my tiny hand-held machine, that’s connecting to… what? Some vast, intangible void that generates content instantly. Oh, Brave New World, that has me in it.


Other fun things from this week included happy hour with the gang – we found a place that serves $3 dollar mixed martinis and appetizers on Thursday nights – I imagine we will find our way back soon.

On Saturday, I went to my coworkerAndrea’s graduation party – she’s a Master now! She has such a fun family and it was a treat to spend the evening with them. She also sent me home with a million Conchas and I’ve been having very luxurious, carb-loaded breakfasts ever since.


Last night – Sunday – was Mother’s Day! I went home to Fullerton and got to spend some time with many mothers – my grandmas, aunts, mom, hooray! I also used the opportunity to bring my dear mother my recycling again. (Note: I am a good daughter and got her other fun Mother’s Day things. I did not literally just give her my garbage. Ha). I also got to take a look at her garden, which is full of live, and blooming vibrantly now that it’s May.

Aaaaand with that abrupt end, I’m going to go. It’s 12:02am now, I’m quickly fading, and still need to brush my teeth.


This has been a post.

*They were DVDs, not books… I just wanted to seem smarter.

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