Week 17 (April 23 – April 29)

If I could describe this week in one word, it would be MOVEMENT.

On Monday, I went on a hike with some coworkers after work! I was glad to finally have a group of people to go with – I always want to hike more, but feel like I don’t have a huge circle of friends who enjoy going, and am entirely paranoid of going alone (um, hi 127 hours, no thanks). THIS, all mixed with the anxiety I sometimes get when hiking with other people. I’m always afraid I’ll be ill-equipped, more so than the people around me. I fear being slower, or weaker, or holding everyone up. Most of these thoughts are unfounded, remnants of a few weird experiences more than 5 years ago. Especially now that I regularly run / do cardio – my body is not surprised by moving anymore!

We went to the Wildwood Canyon Trail, up in the hills above Burbank. There was a steady incline, but it wasn’t too juristic that I couldn’t handle it. The sun was setting just as we got to the end and it was gorgeous!! OOf. Reminded me of WHY I always tell myself I want to hike more.

On Wednesday, my whole company went to Disneyland!!

It was Stephen’s first time, which is wild to me, since Disneyland has been such a ~part~ of my life ever since I was little. I don’t consider myself a huge Disneyland buff, but it’s been so naturally engrained into my life that I forget people who AREN’T from Southern California have no reason to have ever been before. Eek! I can lay claim to riding his very first ride with him. A true honor.


As expected, this day was huge for walking – I racked up 15,348 steps without any intentional exercise. It’s so easy to get all those in when you’re walking around, having fun!

Also notable about this trip – I went on a few rides I hadn’t been on in a pretty long time – Peter Pan, Storybook Land, It’s A Small World. They’re all quaint and happy and fun – they remind me of being little, and I think that’s why I like them so much. I’ve always been more a fan of the Disneyland atmosphere more than rollercoasters, and the smaller Fantasyland-type rides capture that the best.IMG_8746

On Saturday, I drove across town to celebrate my cousin’s 7th birthday! He is getting so big, and it’s wild to me that my little tiny baby cousins are constantly growing into independent little humans. Brady (7) and Amber (9) are both in phases where they’re constantly changing – I feel like every few months when I see them, they’re bigger, taller, have new interests, hobbies, friends. I want to remember them in every way they are – not just for my sake, but so I can remind them of it when they’re older. Haha.

THE SIGNIFICANT SOUNDS IN MY EARS THIS WEEK: JANELLE MONAE’S NEW ALBUM DIRTY COMPUTER. I live. I love her. I love her diverse talent and crazy rad fashion sense and pop-y/funy-y/groove-y tunes. I listened to her album to and from Brady’s party AND – tonight, while I ran a 5k!!

Not any particular 5k – just the last run in my 8 week “Couch to 5k” running program. Honestly – I’m really fucking proud of myself. I’m proud of myself for gaining so much endurance over these past few weeks. For making running a priority and remaining dedicated towards it this entire stretch of time. For actually GETTING THROUGH IT tonight.


I pushed myself the entire way because I really wanted to make the 5k distance in the 35 allotted minutes the app gave me. Normally, when I’m running for a longer amount of time, I let myself pace a bit slower and steadier. I don’t worry so much about meeting a certain distance goal, but keeping my body running the entire time without stopping – which often means toning it down a bit. This time, though, I specifically wanted to reach that distance mark and really pushed myself the whole way through – and felt it. My chest was aching dramatically by the end – I hit the 5k mark around 32 minutes in and nearly collapsed (I mean, I was fine. I think my body was just like “what the hell are you doing to me we don’t do fast we do slow and steady”).

Finally – I made more headway in Howards End and in my knitting this week! I’ve made it through my least favorite part of the sock knitting process – picking up stitches to start the “gusset,” and am now onto the gentle decreases leading through the foot to the toe. Wildly exciting. (I love it.)

To be frank, so far I’ve liked the other works I’ve ready by E.M. Forster more than Howards End. It’s weird, because apparently HE is considered Forster’s “masterpiece.” I don’t dislike it. No, certainly not. I love Forster’s comedy, natural dialogue, easily flowing prose. And there is plenty of all of this to be found in Howards End. But I felt a bit more… magic in A Room With a View. A bit more excitement in Maurice. I’m about 2/5 of the way through and it just hasn’t hooked me yet – I feel I’m still waiting for the inciting incident to swirl the narrative into a noticeable motion. Hmm! We shall see what happens!

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