Week 16 (April 16 – April 22)

This week! Recall it, Kristy – what even happened?


I went and saw the new movie The Quiet Place – something that I would definitely consider outside my normal movie preference. BUT. I was wooed by John Krasinski (typical), and by the fact that so many people were loving it on twitter, and by Emily Blunt, and beautiful marriage, and —

I enjoyed the experience in a terrified kind of way! Really though – I felt similar to how I felt after watching The Shining. Not what I would typically go for (*couch* sprawling cinematic romance and/or jazzy romcom *cough*) but I could appreciate the artistry behind it. The controlled-lighting situations were beautiful and tone-setting, the production-design believable and visually intriguing. And the sound design! So much conveyed with so little! (One of my favorite aspects was how the filmmakers used audio differentiation to show how one character was deaf – her quiet was not the same quiet as those around her.)

Oh! Forgot to write about this in the post. Early this week I went to a used bookstore, and the French woman who owns the shop gave me 40% off and half of her chocolate bar. Amazing.

I’ve also gotten into a new podcast called The Habitat. It’s a documentary podcast about 6 living out a Mars simulation in the middle of Hawaii. For an entire year, they have to live in this tiny dome, living, eating, working together – with the end goal of providing NASA with an example of what may happen if they sent people to live on Mars. I’ve loved it so far! Binging podcasts feels less indulgent that television – I’m actively listening, which isn’t always easy. I’m learning about science!

The host, Lynn Levy, a science journalist who communicates with the team while they are in the dome, does a wonderful job of structuring the narrative in a compelling way. There’s drama, tension, happiness, sadness. It ends up diving a lot into the human condition, and the ways we pick each other apart (both good and bad!). I’ve actually enjoyed listening to it while running, which is a wild testament to how entertaining it is (Lord knows there are podcasts that make me want to fall asleep while I move).

Oof. I’m getting tired. I’ll end this post a bit early. Other good things this week: My parents came to visit me (lol, they live like 45 minutes away) and it was nice to show them a bit of the city I inhabit every day. Micah is back in town, wahoo!


I only ran 2 times this week (which meets my original cardio goal, but not my newer running goal). Wasn’t too bad, actually, because I’d been repeating a week of my program anyways. I’m into the longer stretches of running now (I’m up to 25 mins sustained!), but don’t want to rush too hard into something my body isn’t ready for.

Unfortunately, the reason I didn’t make the 3rd run was because I got one of my gross migraines – the kind that makes my vision go all wonky and leaves me in a head-funk all day. Certainly not my favorite way to spend a Sunday, but I did feel the motivation to write my experience out, which was good. First “regular” blog post in months! You can read it here!


This has been a post.


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