Week 13 (March 26 – April 1)

Juxtaposition made this week a sweet kind of wonderful – busy and relaxing; productive and lazy; filled with family/friends/coworkers and also with time alone.

It started off on a high note, as Stephen and I finally sat down to map our our trip to Taiwan next month! For weeks, we’ve been loosely thinking about it, but it was very fun to finally take some intentional time to get it all down on paper. Booking the hotels (airbnbs) always makes a trip feel more legitimate, and LORD knows I thrive when I get to build an itinerary and fill it with fun travel details.


I’m thinking of trying to video record some of the trip – either an actual vlog or just montage-y video clips pieced together. I like seeing the tangible evidence of a city in motion – the way the trees blew, the busses passed, the people lived. Still deciding, but yes.

My favorite day this week was Saturday. I woke up mid-morning — not too late, as I am so prone to do on Saturdays. I went to a small, neighborhood market, got myself coffee and a scone, and walked across the street to a nearby park. I was able to read, enjoy the weather, listen to families playing. It was one of those experiences that felt so right – so extremely nice – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it before.


When I got home, I went on a run (yay for actually going 3 times this week), facetimed with a friend who just returned from traveling abroad, and successfully baked this sourdough cinnamon raisin bread (bonkers proud of myself for this one!).


It felt like the first day in a long time that I’ve been content without trying to be. So often I try to force myself into enjoying the world, the people, the life around me. Of course, I love and appreciate all these things on a fundamental level, but I get so caught up in daily judgements, distractions, stressors, that it can feel like a task to make myself calm down and breathe. This day was different though. I did what I constantly struggle to do – which was just live in the moment. I did what felt right, and I felt extravagantly happy by the end of it.


This week I FINALLY got around to recycling! Kind of. Unfortunately, I realized the recycling center just a few blocks from my apartment shut down in February (and of course I felt bad that I didn’t even realize that until this week – IN APRIL – whoops). It’s disheartening to realize how few recycling resources there seem to be in Pasadena. Every time I try to make a move, it feels like I’m met with out of date information and closed down facilities. I don’t want that to keep me from recycling though!

My solution this week was to bring my recyclables to my dear mother! For years, she has collected our family’s bottles and cans and turned them in at the nearby Stater Brothers.This is a very noble act, and also a very fun way to get a bit of extra money to pay for slightly nicer bottles of wine! Perhaps my donation to her collection can account for my portion of the Easter Party Wine Consumption this year.

“The Crusher” in my parent’s garage. When I was a kid, I LOVED getting to crush the cans before we recycled them.

Aaaand – some random things I want to remember but honestly, it’s 12:19am and I have work in the morning, and I don’t want to write it all out in detail, so I’ll just list them here for my reference: I watched Carol, which was a very lovely film, and That Thing You Do, which was a very fun film. I’ve been steadily making progress on a new sock! Not too exciting to take a picture of yet. I also wrote a bit while I was in the park on Saturday!

This has been a post.

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