Week 10 (March 5 – March 11)


I’ve been working on this particular pair since January 2 months is actually pretty good time for me, seeing as most projects I’ve done have taken 6 months or longer.

I have found that I really enjoy the process of knitting socks. It’s a nice blend of repetitive pattern and changing knit work. Before starting, I was afraid they might take up a bit too much mental energy, turning a fun hobby into something stressful. Not the case! While there were certain points (like turning the heel, or decreasing the toe) that made me drop everything and focus solely (ha) on the knitting at hand, for the most part, I could still listen to podcasts or watch silly shows at the same time.

Oh! This is one of my favorite things – remembering the wild amounts of media I consumed while knitting. This time around, I watched Queer Eye, London Spy, Frasier, Planet Earth, Southside With You, lots of Olympics).


To get dramatic: I feel connected to something big and mysterious when I knit. In the grand scheme of human history, knitting is relatively new. That said, due to disintegrating fabrics and little / no early documentation, the exact origins of the practice are foggy at best. What a juxtaposition! “New” to the world, but lost to time already. Transience is fuggin bonkers!

To summarize: Knitting is practical, is beautiful, is something I’m excited to carry on. Yee!


In other news this week:

Saturday rain got the best of me and I stayed cozy inside all day.

Is a cute way to phrase it.

Frankly, I was stir crazy, wanting to move around but feeling like I couldn’t. I love my teeny, tiny apartment most days, but I’ve found that rainy days run out the fun coziness after a few hours. Then, I just feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Again – dramatic! It was literally one day. It was literally fine. But living with 275 square feet occasionally has it’s negative sides.

Somewhat because of that, I went down to Fullerton to visit my parents! I find laziness more enjoyable when experienced with other people. My dad and I saw a movie, my mom and I looked over old family letters – it was shared experience, which made it feel more worthwhile than just sitting at home alone.


Today (Sunday), it was nice to stretch out, walk all around, see the beautiful sky. Everything was post-rain pretty and fresh. As I drove back to Pasadena, the clouds were a million shades of blue and purple and grey. The hills, still browned from winter and drought, seemed just a bit more vibrant, willing growth from blessedly damp ground.


I’m not sure how to transition into this, but I do want to note it: blogging has been all-together easier and better for me than I expected. For so long, I never did it because I had no idea what I would write about, and panicked that what I wrote wouldn’t live up to my imagined standard of perfection.

Making a deadline for myself has been helpful, because now I just… do it? Just write the post? It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s not the goal. The goal is to write every week! Telling that to myself has actually helped me to keep up these weekly posts. And! I’ve found that it’s true that the more you write, the more naturally words come to you.

I’m often prone to panicking that I’ve lost my metaphorical voice – that all the good things I’ve had to say are behind me, and that I’ll never write anything as good as what I’ve written in my past again. But by forcing myself to write more often – I see there’s no way that’s the case. I won’t always write great things, but writing more often allows more opportunity for good words to even exist at all!

So. Here’s to continued blogging! Continued everything! Can’t believe I’m already 10 weeks into this process!


This has been a post.

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