Week 9 (Feb 26 – Mar 4)

Alright – so it’s obviously becoming a trend for me to wait until Monday nights to write these posts. Typical! I would try to make myself aim more dedicatedly towards Sunday evenings, but this week I was living life! That’s what this whole experiment has been for so far, and it’s the caveat I have allowed myself throughout this process. I set all of these goals to help me interact more with my life, and with the world around me. If I can’t check off every goal box because I’m doing just that — living my life — so be it!


Left to my own devices, I am all too solitary, all too complacent. I can and will sit on my phone for hours – not even wasting my time with something “productive” like binge-watching a show. At the very least, when you binge a show, you are consuming some form of art. You’re watching a story that dozens of people worked to produce and share.

But no – at my worst, I don’t even do that. I just mindlessly scroll on Twitter, until the feed begins to look familiar, at which point I refresh, hoping there are enough new tweets to supply me with five more minutes of mindless scrolling. God. What a life.

But that’s why I made these goals! To more intentionally force myself to get out of my routine of complacency. So! Last night I did not write this post, but instead went to watch the Oscars at my friend’s house, and we ate pizza, and I worked on my knitting, and overall it was a grand time. And then I went home and did a workout routine! So perhaps there was no writing, but there was certainly living. And I am proud of that.


The Oscars! My main thought coming out of them – I wish we could just let good things be good. I was really happy to see The Shape of Water win best picture. I thought it was a beautiful film – the Production Design was stellar, the Cinematography was so intentional and aquatic, the story adapted an old concept into something new, compelling, and relevant. But I went on Twitter, and immediately people were hating on it because it won over Get Out.

It felt like people were trying to draw the same lines between Get Out and The Shape of Water as they did with Moonlight and La La Land last year – but the situations and films are so entirely different! Both films this year are insightful and stare directly at problems within our society. One does it through horror, one through fantasy. One set modern, one set Cold-War-era. We can appreciate both films and the messages they supply without stripping the other of all its merit.

Oof. I get worked up about it. Need to chill a bit.

In other film related news, I saw Game Night, a new comedy with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. It was actually very good! Honestly, I’m not normally drawn to comedies. Even the modern comedy classics that everyone seems to love somehow don’t captivate me for long. But Game Night was a delight all the way through! I felt like the writers never went for low-brow, cheap humor. The plot wove in so many directions but drew together at the end in a fulfilling and hilarious way. Would recommend!!

Wow. What a movie buff I am. You’d think I spend four years going to school for this shit. Ha.

In more goal related news –


I have been loving the sky and my body this week.

It was actually rainy for a sustained amount of time in southern California for a few days, and it made for some beautiful sunsets once the clouds began to clear.

I walked in an area of my neighborhood I hadn’t been to before. With the rain, the green hedges, and gabled houses, it made me feel like I was back in Oxford or Cork. Obviously, the main difference is that even with the beautiful design, the architecture here is still new in comparison to… well, anything not in Southern California. Brick walls are not crumbling, or seeded with dewy, ancient moss. Streets are not cobbled or pocked, but laid fresh with dark asphalt. It made me think about how not yet, but one day, Pasadena will be an old town – old enough to be a place that people visit and think “wow, I wish buildings still looked like THIS.” For now, I’m glad to walk these streets and feel a little more like I’m not in a hot, suburban tract complex. Give it two weeks, I think to myself, all too aware of the impending heat of summer that will undoubtedly send me longing to be anywhere else but here.

Even with the rain, I was able to keep my fitness goals for most of the week. And!! I liked my body! If you read my posts from a few weeks ago, you’d know I was struggling with my self-image, with liking myself and the body I have to work with. I know there will always be days like that. One week of confidence does not endless self-love create. Nevertheless, this week I looked at my legs, my arms, my core – and felt proud. Look at the body I have helped mold by taking care of it! These legs, imperfect as they may sometimes seem, are mine, and they are stronger every day. I want to remember this. I’ve been focusing so much on the ebbs, I haven’t been allowing myself to appreciate the flows.


This has been a post.

One comment

  1. Love the juxtaposition between actively engaging in media (such as a show that others will discuss) vs passively consuming twitter. All this in the same week that you went out to participate with friends in watching the Oscars and finding yourself liking your body. You’re 100% on to something and articulate it so well.

    I love your insight and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes you.

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