Week 8 (Feb 19 – Feb 25)

Wow! Cutting it close. I normally try to post my weekly updates on Sunday nights (my self-ordained “end-of-the-week,” even thought it’s technically the beginning of a normal calendar week), but allow myself until Monday if I find myself busy, overwhelmed, or otherwise living life in a fulfilling way that takes me away from my computer.

The good news is – that IS why I was not able to write until now! I can’t share everything (some lil secrets in the works, heyyo), but believe that I’ve been trying to do good things for myself over the past few days, and will hopefully see the fruits of it soon.

This weekend was magic! I went on three dates.


One with my dad. One with my college roommate. One with my Oxford soulmate.

Oh, I love weekends like this. I am so drawn to solitude. Left to my own devices, I will sit alone and knit every night. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but I’m always pleased when I get to spend time with my living, non-inanimate loves.

My dad, generous angel man that he is, drove to my apartment to help me get my heater working on Friday – and right in time for the California rain! I’m sitting here now listening to it, in my grandma’s old, pink-cushioned wicker chair, a candle beside me, and my feet toasty warm thanks to Roger.

On Saturday night, Jessi and I went out on the town for a night of wild single life. Meaning: we got desserts, drinks (one each), and returned home by 10pm. I have never enjoyed girl’s night out more.


And finally, on Sunday, I got to see my beloved Liz. We did absolutely nothing but gossip, gorge ourselves on Thai food and spiced cookies, and watch the Olympic closing ceremonies.

Three different dates, three different people, one gloriously happy Kristy.

Other things to note this week:

I’ve been LOVING Queer Eye, much like literally every other person I know. It’s so uplifting! So fun! So vulnerable. There are few things I enjoy more than watching a straight-laced, unemotional man face five wildly vulnerable men and learn how to open himself up to beauty and truth. Like damn. Incredible media.

I also started reading John Green’s new book, Turtles All the Way Down, because I’ve been craving something I can just get through fast. Say what you will about Green’s writing, but I appreciate his prose and find it so quickly readable. There are so many books I want to read, but find myself struggling to get through because, for whatever reason, it’s so difficult to pick them back up.

I’ve been experiencing that with Hillary Clinton’s What Happened. I’m about half way through and have found it enlightening, encouraging, and important in light of our current political state. That said, when I come home after a long day at work, go for a run, make dinner, do my dishes – sometimes I just want something to loose myself in, rather than something that reminds me of the glaring realities of our world. Both are necessary, but there are times for each.

Back to Turtles, I’m finding Green’s take on OCD very eye-opening. I don’t personally have OCD, but I know he does, and it feels like a very personal book for him to write in light of that. I appreciate the perspective and am excited to get through it and read more reviews.


Ugh!! Running this week got on my nerves for a very silly, very me reason. I signed up for this running app that’s supposed to help me learn to run a 5k. For the program, I am to run three times a week for 8 weeks. Each day builds just a bit upon the last, which I have found helpful in building my endurance. I really am excited to be able to run a 5k without walking! That’s my end goal. Yadda yadda.

This week, I completed week Week 2 Day 1. I completed Week 2 Day 2. And then…

Week 2 Day 1.

I accidentally repeated an old workout!!! Ugh. Such a silly reason to get upset, but being the organized Virgo I am, I’m just. Amiss with irritation. Now my weeks are off! Now I didn’t *technically* complete all three Week 2 runs in Week 2! I’ve tried to remind myself that the important thing is that I was running at all! The effort is something to be proud of.


It’s fine. I’m fine.

The last lovely thing to mention this week: I’ve started my second sock! I’m excited, but also a bit wary. I’m worried it won’t turn out as well as my first sock. I’m worried that I’m get more bored as I try to complete this one, because that project isn’t as shiny and new as it was the first time around.

That said, I’m still going through with it! I will finish the socks! I will wear the socks! Or give them away to someone else so that they can wear them! Imperfection is the new trend! Let be be the finale of seem!


This has been a post.

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