Week 7 (Feb 12 – Feb 18)

Let’s start off with something I LOVED this week: sports!


More accurately: the Winter Olympics!

As someone who is so entirely NOT into sports normally, I find the Winter Olympics an intriguing exception. I’ve had my TV on more in the past week than I have in the last six months!

I think the allure for me comes from the style of the sports – they’re mostly individual. Team sports have never really caught me – there are too many rules that I don’t care to learn. The winter sports are different, though – skiing, curling, ice-skating, bobsledding. They all depend on an individual athlete (or two) doing their best work on the spot. What high, terrifying steaks! I could never be an Olympian. But oh, do I love to watch them!

On that note, I really appreciated Gus Kenworthy’s words regarding his experience in this year’s Olympics. For context: Kenworthy is a professional skier and won the silver medal in Men’s Freestyle Skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He is one of the first openly gay American Olympic athletes and has proudly represented the LGBT community throughout this year’s competition. Unfortunately, his last run wasn’t great and he didn’t end up placing at all this year. He had the following to say (edited down a bit):

“I failed to land my run in the final and didn’t end up on the podium but, for me, the Olympics aren’t solely about the medals… Of course I would’ve loved to have landed my run and been on the podium but it just wasn’t my day. After years of preparation, countless hours of training and numerous injuries it’s all over in a flash. At every contest there are three winners and a field of non-winners… I’m holding my head high knowing that I gave it my all. I’m proud of what I did here and all those I was representing in the process.”

So good!! Even unrelated to sports and the Olympics, I find his words so inspiring. I’m a perfectionist always find a way to kick myself for not performing well enough, for not being constantly at my best. His words made me stop and think – he’s an Olympic athlete! He’s the best of the best in his field! And yet there are still days when he’s just not at his best. When inevitably, something is off, and perfection isn’t achievable. OH, how I FEEL that! I want to remember this going into next week and beyond – be nicer to yourself, Kristy!


Regarding my own fitness, I’ve been sticking to my goals pretty consistantly! It’s actually a bit easier to stick to them now that I started my 5k training. I run three times a week for that, so cardio is getting checked off of my list pretty easily these days!

I still have days that are rough, and days when I feel like it’s the most difficult task in the WORLD to just get up and run, but generally, it’s been easier to be active these days. I’ve made a habit out of moving my body – be that walking, jogging, arm exercises, or an at-home workout video – and it feels weirder when I don’t incorporate one of those practices into my day.

This week, I honed in my recycling goals a bit, and am hopeful that having more focus will help me do better int his area. Essentially, I’m just going to stick with bottle and can recycling for now. I’ve been trying to collect paper, cardboard, and plastic tubs, but unfortunately, there aren’t any drop-off points close to where I live. I’d have to drive about two cities over to actually do it. In a perfect world, I would have both the time and the motivation to still recycle all those things! I’m not quite there yet, though. So for now – I will stick to bottles and cans. Once I get into a rhythm with that, I think then is the time to take further steps!

IMG_7354 2

I have now finished my second book of this year: Again the Magic, by Lisa Kleypas. Drown was my first in the literature category, Again the Magic is my first in the pleasure/for-fun category of my goal list.

And that’s what this book was! Pure fun, with no need to be anything else. How refreshing. Honestly, I love Kleypas writing. It’s cozy and silly and sexy all at once. I read A Wallflower Christmas this past December as a bit of a joke, and that’s what really got me on this “read for fun” kick. I enjoyed that so much that I thought I’d just start back at the beginning of this series. 

It was a bit slow at times, and I felt like some of the character motivations – specifically Aline’s – were a bit one-note. It felt like it took her a bit too long to realize that (of course) this guy loves her despite her faults. I get that she had to go through a journey to discover that, but after a while, it just felt like “Okay – do you STILL not get this?”.

Overall, it was exactly what I hoped it to be! Personally, I liked A Wallflower Christmas a bit better, but this was a fun start to the series and let’s be honest – I’m obviously going to read the rest.


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