WEEK 2 (Jan 8-14)

Sitting at home now, clean, with fresh socks and damp hair – just got back from camping!


It was only for a night, but my, it felt good. My family normally goes camping every summer. It was a tradition started by my grandpa over 50 years ago – he passed away last February, though, when we would normally be making reservations, so this summer lacked a certain familiarity.

I missed camping more than I expected to. For weeks, I’ve had this aching in my chest (or heart/soul, however melodramatic we want to make this) to be disconnected from everyday nuisances, to not even have the option of using my phone, to be forced to use the knowledge I have to solve problems without the ease of google.

I also find it easier to pay attention to the things I enjoy when I’m forced away from distractions. I was able to read and really take in the words, without thinking “Okay – only 5 minutes left of my lunch break!”


Aside from camping —

I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep my 9,000 steps-a-day goal going strong for two straight weeks! Normally, I find some reason to weasel my way out of a day or two a week. Having this set as an actual “resolution” has actually helped me with feeling more obligated to complete it, though! And of course, now that I’ve kept it up for so long, I’m more encouraged to sustain it. (Trying to remain realistic though – I don’t want to beat myself up too much if for some reason I can’t keep it up!)

I had a bit of money left on a Barnes & Noble gift card from my birthday (4 months ago! How did I manage that?!) and got myself another book of poetry from Mary Oliver! I went through Dream Works last year and LOVED it. Excited to read more of this, as Oliver has such a beautiful, relatable way of conveying human experience.


Something I DIDN’T do as great on this week – or at least as great as I could have – was recycling. I’m still gathering recyclables around my house to turn it in – probably sometime this coming week. While we were camping, though, we had so many bottles and boxes and cardboard pieces that I could have collected for recycling! Unfortunately, I let the “complications” stop me – where would I put them? Would we have to drive with them? Were there even any recycling bins up on the mountain? In hindsight, I’m wishing I would have taken the extra small step to do a better job on this! Alas – will go into my next camping trip with this knowledge and will do better!


This has been a post.

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