WEEK 1 (Jan 1st -7th)

This week went very well! This is likely due to first week excitement – I’m sure the longer this goes on, there will be weeks that feel absolutely impossible to get through. That said, I’m glad that I stuck to all of my daily / weekly goals so far, and feel accomplished in a way that makes me excited to get into next week!


Exercise My Mind

This week I started reading Drown, by Junot Diaz.

Last year, I read This Is How You Lose Her, Diaz’s collection of short stories following Junior (“a young hardhead whose longing for love is equaled only by his recklessness,” as the back of the book puts it),  and the women he loves, uses, cheats on, and eventually loses. I really enjoy Díaz’s prose. Junior feels so real, at every stage of his life. A child, a teen, an adult, all the same man but grown and stretched in different ways as his life unfolds. While his actions are often immature, and undoubtedly fueled by toxic masculinity (intentional on Diaz’s part), there is a truth and sincerity to his character that kept me involved in the story, rooting for him to be ever better than the last, younger version of himself.

Drown is Diaz’s first novel and follows the same protagonist, Junior, on his / his family’s journey from the Dominican Republic to New Jersey. I’m excited to get more into it and read more about Junior’s background that wasn’t included included in TIHYLH. Already, I feel the same sympathy for him as I did in TIHYLH, the same sorrow for a young boy taught that to be a “man,” he can’t cry, can’t feel, and must objectify. Agh!

Exercise My Body

Successfully kept up 9,000 steps a day and did cardio twice! Honestly, this is the area I am most proud of / surprised by this week, and also what I anticipate being the hardest to maintain in the weeks to come.

That said, this week was actually not as difficult as I expected. I was able to maintain the walking by making it an active goal. It wasn’t “I hope I’ll walk 9,000 steps today,” but “I will walk 9,000 steps today, and will actively seek out the chances to make that happen.”

Cardio was also manageable. I ran one night and did a cardio workout video today. I have to remind myself how good I actually feel after cardio. It becomes so daunting in my mind, but I really do feel better once I’ve done it – more energetic, more healthy, more comfortable with my body. Endorphins are magic.

Exercise My Comfort Zone

No camping, no traveling, no recycling this week!

Or. I have set aside a bag for recycling, but haven’t gathered enough to have to do anything with it yet.

My problem seems to always come after gathering all my recyclables. My apartment complex doesn’t have a recycling dumpster, so recycling means actually going to the grocery store and dropping it off there. This shouldn’t be that difficult, as the store is pretty close to my house. Inevitably, my laziness gets the best of me, though, and I end up throwing my entire box of recyclables into the regular trash bin! I hate that.

To be continued!

Self Care / Fun Things

This week I managed to dress with intention every work day! Honestly, it made me feel much more confident and happy throughout the day. I knew I was wearing something that I actually liked, and didn’t just haphazardly throw on.


I also purchased a discounted pair of pleated pants from Zara online, which I’ve been wanting for a while. Waiting for them to arrive now, and hoping that they actually fit when they do! I don’t typically buy clothes online, so I’m a bit nervous.

In a different vein, I started a new knitting project this week! Or, well, got set to start it. I decided that I’m going to knit a pair of socks.

This is more ambitious than I initially realized.

I picked a sock pattern, but got immediately confused by all the knitting abbreviations, different steps, and tools I don’t have.

While getting set has been a whole ordeal, having to research more about knitting has made me all the more amazed by knitting as a craft! While it is creative, it is also very numbers based – counting rows and stitches, dividing amongst different needles, switching up patterns consistently. It boggles my mind that people have been doing this for ages, and making crazy complex things, like sweaters, and huge blankets! I’m not great at it yet (even less great than I thought I was a week ago, ha!), but I am feeling excited to slowly get better at this.

That’s it for this week. As I mentioned before – overall good, and I’m looking forward to the future!

For me, the main purpose of all of this “resolution” nonsense is to make myself feel more fulfilled in my day-to-day life. I don’t want to get through the whole year and realize I’ve been bored or disengaged for most of it.

This week lived up to that overarching goal! Huzzah!

This has been a post.

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