Here’s the deal: I’m horrible at setting achievable goals for myself.

I have all these dreams and aspirations rumbling around my mind but when it comes to taking active steps towards achieving them, I get nervous, or busy, or lazy, and never actually DO the THINGS.

In 2018, I WANT TO DO THE THINGS. Or at least take reasonable baby steps closer towards the things!

Blast it if I am not immediately the very best version of myself! I’m officially giving myself permission to be first draft version me – messy and imperfect and probably very unlike the idealized version of myself I aspire to in my mind, BUT! Present, and existing, and trying.

The glorious chorus from “When I Drink,” by The Avett Brothers, feels accurate and thesis like for this endeavor:

It’s the only way to keep that list bit of sanity

Maybe I don’t have to be good but I can try to be

At least a little better than I’ve been before.

Further inspiration, brought forth in the ever poignant words of Art Garfunkel:

Write the poem out loud.

Authorize the heart.

Burn the Bridge

and Be the work of art!

Authorize the heart! I love that. Authorize myself to exist imperfectly. La la la.


These are goals for the next 6 months. This sounds more sustainable to me than trying to set goals for the entire year, which I’m sure I would drop within 6 months anyways. This is only 181 Days! Very doable. Easy-peasy.

I’ve divided my resolutions into 4 main categories with 3 smaller goals within each. Look at me! So very organized. So very robot-like. Ah, the Virgo within.

They are:

Exercise My Mind

  • Write something with the intent of publication and write something for fun!
  • Read books: 3 literature, 3 pleasure
  • Go to a lecture or reading group at least once!

Exercise My Body

  • 9,000 steps a day (because i like counting!)
  • Cardio 2x a week (because i would like my heart to beat more this year!)
  • Hike once a month! (because nature is fun!)

Exercise My Comfort Zone

  • Camp more! (going to say 3 times… subject to change)
  • Travel somewhere new every month (even if it’s just traveling down the street)
  • Actually recycle! (don’t say i will and then not)

Self Care / Fun Things:

  • Style with intention! (hair, clothes, eyes, whatever makes me feel good in my own skin)
  • Blog (about this! lol) once a week (subject to change if immense stress issues)
  • Create once a week (knitting, sketching, cross-stitching)

Thinking that I’ll go more into detail about why I’ve chosen these goals over the next few weeks. (Deciding to blog this all out is actually intimidating, because I find myself at a loss for inspiration when I force myself to write on a deadline. Having a few ideas queued up will be helpful for this, though. Yee.)

Further thinking that I would benefit from some sort of tangible reward system because I am an animal and treats motivate me. I’m not sure what this would be yet, though. Not important! First the doing, then the celebrating. Or maybe the celebrating happens throughout. To be determined at a later time, I guess.


I think it’s ridiculous when people get mad about setting resolutions at the start of a new year. They say “Why would you do that? If you want to make the change, start NOW!”

There is something fulfilling and hopeful about setting out on a new series of goals at the beginning of a new year. It’s symbolic! Whether we like it or not, humans dictate significance through time. Birthdays and anniversaries and 5 years at the same company and on and on. This is okay! We all need coping mechanisms to understand the world around us. We orient so much of the rest of our lives around the new year – why not add self improvement to the list?

That is what I am choosing to do! Yay 2018. Yay goals. Yay trying to exist in a more fulfilling way, even if, in the grand scheme of the universe, the timing is insignificant.


This has been a post.

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