“This is really great. You should enjoy it.”


Port Meadow. 27 January 2015.

First off: how on earth is it already the end of second week?

I keep reminding myself that I still have 8 weeks here, but I know that it’s going by quickly (as all good things in life do), and that I will be so sorry to leave. It’s very easy for me to get caught up in the future–not necessarily worry for what will happen, but sadness for fading pleasures. It’s strange how even in my happiest, most contented phases of life, there is still a seed of doubt in my mind, whispering this too shall pass. Continue reading


The First Few Days

Dear Future Oxford Study Abroad Student, henceforth to be addressed as Fosas, I’m writing now to inform you a bit on the first few days of your stay in Oxford. Likely, your beginnings in this new place will not be exactly similar to mine, but I thought a bit of insight into my own journey could perhaps sooth your nerves. If not, I recommend some peppermint tea with a healthy dollop of honey, or perhaps the lighting of a lavender scented candle. (Both did superb wonders for me).

Continue reading

Apprehension (with a dash of hope)

It’s weird to comprehend that in a matter of days, I will be moving to England. For months, “studying abroad” has functioned as a distant conversation topic to help me appear interesting at social events. People could ask if I was excited to go, and I could say yes, and they could say “you’re going to have so much fun,” and I could reply “Yeah, I can hardly believe it.” And I couldn’t. And I still hardly can. Continue reading