A Story of Mirrors (and Abiding Love)

This past week, I finished what has easily been the most difficult semester of my college/general schooling career thus far. *CUE WEEPING TEARS OF JOY *.One of my finals required us to creatively unpack a popular biblical text: 1 Corinthians:1-13, or, as I like to refer to it, that one passage that everyone centers their ┬ámarriage ceremony around. Anyways, I just got my grade back for this class, and LORD ALMIGHTY I got an A. *CUE WEEPING TEARS OF JOY ROUND TWO*. I thought I’d post the short story/ essay that I turned in for the final in celebration or this momentous event. So yes! Enjoy!

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I used to be a good writer.

I used to be a good writer.

I was blessed and cursed throughout my adolescent years with a generous amount of natural intelligence, and while I wasn’t a genius by any means, I generally didn’t need to study to do well on tests. My GPA was somewhere in the high-3s and more often than not, I was complemented for my knowledge rather than my looks or people skills (I had, and have, very few of either). Continue reading