On Film and Fall and Sophomore Year

Hello! It’s been a while and, as always, I have absolutely no excuse for not writing other than that life has been a mixture of crazy and emotions and hecticness and business and sadness and joy lately. Strange, strange sensations all around.

To catch up, I thought I’d let you know a bit of what’s been going on in my life lately:

  • My Sophomore year of college is in full swing and film shenanigans have inevitably picked up again! I no longer have weekends or time to breathe. On the bright side, I do get to spend a majority of my time doing what I love, so that (usually) makes the business worth it. I’m just now beginning to crack a bit under all the pressure of my work load, but I haven’t had an official mental breakdown (complete with sobbing and fetal-position rocking) yet, so that’s a good sign!.. right?
  • In other university related news, Sophomore year is quite different from Freshman year. I’m living in an apartment. I’m not new anymore. People know me and I them. I have no meal plan. I have to pay electric bills. My classes are a hell of a lot more difficult, or at least if feels like it. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m loving it. I feel like Freshman year was a dream-like whirl of new experiences and fun adventures. More often than not, my days currently follow this mold: I leave my apartment at 9am and don’t get back until 11:30 pm, I scarf food because I haven’t eaten in way too long, and then I proceed to fall asleep on the couch because I haven’t been able to hang up all the laundry currently overflowing on my bed. Not quite the splendor of Freshman year at all. But in a weird sense, I almost enjoy it. I like feeling more like an adult. I like being independent. Yeah.
  • Fall is  here and I am loving it. It’s such a poetic and cozy season. There are sweaters and pumpkins and warm beverages and all these delicious looking recipes. I have been semi-literally been inhaling pumpkin puree lately. Such is my life.
  • My roommates and I welcomed a new creature into our apartment-hold. His name is Poseidon and he is the light of our lives. He was pretty terrified of us at first, but slowly we’ve been gaining his trust in hope that one day, he will open his tiny little heart completely to us.                                                                                                                               photo
  • photo
  • I’ve been taking a history of film class that is incredibly interesting. I think part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because, although I’m a film major, I know relatively little about film. In some ways, I like this about myself, because I think it keeps me from becoming too pretentious. That being said, though, it’s great to actually learn the history of my major and to see how film has progressed over the years.
  • I’m tired and still have a significant amount of work to do, so I should probably end this post.

May your days be grand!

Remember that life must be lived as we go along!

Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!


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