Tea, Cats, and Crafts.

Oh, hey!

You probably don’t know this about me, but I am a very on-task person.

I always spend my time productively.

I never waste days hours time on the computer or playing sudoku on my phone.

I laugh at people who have no concept of time management.

Those, my dear readers, are all examples of lies.

Ugh. I love summer. I really do. But I am so unproductive sometimes, it’s not even funny.

Example. What have I done today?

Well, let’s see… I… woke up. I showered (that might seem productive, but considering I hadn’t showered for two days before, it’s not that impressive). I walked down the stairs. I went on tumblr. I made these for lunch. I went on tumblr again. Played Sudoku on my phone (I’m wasn’t kidding when I said I waste hours playing Sudoku. I just finally learned how to “play” it about a week ago, and it’s semi-literally all I do with my time now). I watered the garden…. and now I’m here. HOW IS IT ALREADY 4 O’CLOCK?!

Again, I repeat: UGH.

I so wish I was an early riser who got productive things done before noon. But alas, I am the way I am. I suppose it’s best to soak it up now during summer before school starts when I will inevitably get overwhelmed by my workload and dream about being able to do nothing all day. Meh.

A lot of the time, I’m not even being productively unproductive. I’m not reading a book or watching a movie or anything. I’m just potato-ing it up in front of my computer looking at pictures of cats and Tom Hiddleston. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love both of those things, but after about 6 straight hours of doing nothing else I start to feel like I’m doing nothing with my life.

Anyways, lately, to try to make myself feel a bit more on top of things, I’ve been getting back into art. I’ve always loved art, and while I’m by NO stretch of the imagination an expert, I do enjoy crafts and creative outlets and the like.

IMGLately, I’ve been working on these newspaper/silhouette canvases. I enjoy creating them for a number of reasons.

  1. FREE! Or close enough. I finally got my hands on some Mod Podge, but other than that, I already had everything else (8 by 10 canvas panels, miscellaneous newspaper articles, black paint, paint brushes, and sharpies) all around my house! Yay for not having to break my wallet.
  2. It’s creative but also not incredibly mind consuming. I can hold a conversation while working on one or have an episode of New Girl on and be able to follow the story. Win win.
  3. I can personalize them for people’s (or my own) interests! They make great gifts that don’t take forever to make.
  4. Whenever I sit down to work on art, my mind tends to think more profoundly. I can think about life and death and relationships and problems without getting overwhelmed because I’m working on something that distracts me from the overwhelming nature of those topics!
  5. Pretty obvious, but I don’t feel entirely useless/ lazy when doing them. I’m working. I’m creating! I’m doing more than just sitting and staring at a wall! WOoo. Go Kristy. You know how to conduct life like a functioning human being!


No, but really. I really do enjoy them.

I hope you’re doing well. Go write a poem or paint a picture or bake a cake! Be creative today!

Yours truly,


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