These are a Few of My Favorite Things (Edition I)

Hello, again, lovely readers! I am a big fan of making lists. I am also a big fan of things I like (a rarity, I know). So, I thought to myself, “Kristy, you like these two things! Put them together and make an ongoing blog segment about them!” So, I listened.

Over the next few weeks/ months/ years/ decades/ centuries/ however long I keep this up, I’ll occasionally be posting my  favorite “things” in certain areas- films, books, songs, albums, teas, animals, etc. AND AND AND I’ll even tell you a bit about why I love them and find them so intriguing! For the sake of time management, I’m only going to be doing two at a time. Hopefully, you’ll find this interesting, and I’ll find it enjoyable (because I love talking about my favorite things!)!

Alrighty. Iced coconut mango tea is brewed. Guacamole and chips in place. Let’s do this thing.

(Oh, also, just for the record, spoilers follow, so don’t read my descriptions if you don’t want to know some of the key details of the films!)

To kick it off:

Two of my favorite films:

1) When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Director: Rob Reiner

Starring: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan

Oh, my. Oh, my. I love this movie. It is my go-to favorite. Being a film student, I’m basically asked on a weekly basis what my favorite movie is. I remember specifically at the beginning of last semester, the first words my professor asked upon my entrance into the room were “What is your favorite movie? You will be judged.” I was afraid to answer because I often feel behind as a film student. I never took film classes before college. I don’t have any amazingly brilliant criticisms on the latest movies. I didn’t want to be wrong.

So, after deliberating for roughly 7 minutes, I managed to squeak out “whenharrymetsally” (internal translation: *crosses fingers* *cowers in corner* please don’t tear apart my favorite movie please please please). To my eternal happiness, he nodded his head a bit, said it was a fine choice, commented that it was Billy Crystal’s heyday, then went on to the next person. That was good enough for me.

Anyways, on to why I actually love the movie. First, the story. I love the passage of time and that the entire movie courses over 12 years. I love the friendship that blossoms between Harry and Sally and the slowness of it. Too often, modern romances fit into this crippling cookie cutter mold: boy and girl meet and are instantly infatuated with each other, things are okay for a while, boy does something wrong to upset girl, she storms off because she is an emotional woman and everything is his fault, he realizes his rebellious ways, he repents, and they live happily ever after. No so with WHMS. They hate each other at the beginning. Harry is a tool and Sally knows it and resents it. When they meet again on the plane, they still don’t really like each other. Eventually, the third time they meet, they actually begin to bare the other’s presence. From then on, they remain just friends for a majority of the rest of the movie. They date other people, they attempt to set each other up with other people. It isn’t until the last half an hour that they progress any further than that- and even once they do sleep together, it takes the awkwardness of that for them to realize that they love each other. Also, Harry’s profession of love is just. Ah. Magical.

Also, let’s just appreciate how actually hilarious this movie is (quite a rarity for recent rom-coms). I would list specific moments, but really, if you even need to ask, just go watch the movie again. (Also, if you do know what I mean, still watch it again. You can never watch this movie too much.)

2) An Education (2009)

Director: Lone Scherfig

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard

Delightfully poignant, if that’s even a possible combination of words. I love the youthfulness of this film mixed with the deeper, more thought-provoking themes. The fact that Jenny has such a bright future ahead of her, yet it is so easily (seemingly) ripped away once David cheats her into believing she can live this extravagant, sparkling life is so painfully honest. As the viewer, when David is first introduced, it is so easy to like him. He has charm, a love for instruments, and somehow pulls off the whole “let me give this 16-year-old girl a ride” act without seeming creepy at all. Then he sends her flowers. Then he wins over her parents. Then he takes her to concerto. This cycle goes on and on until you finally discover what a slime ball he is and are completely shocked because you never saw it coming. Or, at least that’s how it was for me. Yet the film ends with this weird hopeful twist. She, as best she can, pulls herself back up, gets into Oxford, moves on with her life, and experiences a better life. Ah.

Cinematically, I love the style of this film. The Paris montage is breathtaking. I am in awe of the use of color throughout Jenny’s blue dress is just. GLORIOUS. The contrast of tone depending on the tone/ progression of the scenes is also commendable. Overall, beautiful.


That’s all for now, folks! Tell me your thoughts if you have any!



  1. When Harry Met Sally is one of my favourites too. I’ve often tried to figure out why I love it, but there are just so many elements. The innocence of the times, the love almost lost, the wonderful relationship between the two characters. Young, ambitious, funny, caring, confused, and so sweet.
    I could go on but I think you did a better job than I in explaining why it’s your favourite movie.

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