Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, boyfriend and I went up to Davis to visit his parents. We drove up all day Thursday (a successful attempt at avoiding holiday traffic) and arrived late in the evening. After spending roughly 6 days there, I think it’s safe to say I fell in love with Davis. The city is so beautiful and natural- much more so than Southern California.

We went on a walk around Ryan’s neighborhood our first full day there.


I SUPPOSE IT WAS ALRIGHT. Honestly, I was so impressed by all the green-ness everywhere.This is a community garden. The closest thing we have to a community garden were I live is community concrete.

new friend

There are also lots of chickens. This guy was especially fabulous.

I wish I could remember what we specifically did each day (and if I tried hard enough, I’m sure I could), but for the sake of storytelling I’ll just give you the highlights.

We went to the Davis farmer’s market one morning. I love farmer’s markets. They bring communities together- young people, old people, new families, grandparents, musicians, honey makers, fruit sellers, coffee brewers, and on and on and on. It’s really beautiful.

farmer market

We dined on fresh fruit and raspberry scones. A breakfast of champions if there ever was one.

Fresh made kettle corn was also a thing. Literally, the… kettle master (?) was churning the kernels one minute, the next lightly salting and scooping the caramelized corn into a plastic bag for our devouring pleasure. YUM.

Afterwards, we went to the local independent bookstore,

local independent bookstore

local independent bookstore


known as The Avid Reader, and proceeded to DIE OF HAPPINESS.

avid reader

snack nap read

I know. Your heart is racing just at the sight of it. The place was beautiful. Medium sized with with sizable collections of literature and poetry. I was in heaven.

I love reading the backs of books. I love judging books by their covers. I love finding a book you know you were meant to find at that precise moment at that precise bookstore on that precise bottom shelf of the G-I literature section while sitting on that precise old wooden chair at the end of that precise isle.


A love story if there ever was one.

We came back to the store three times over the course of our stay in Davis, and each time, I felt like I could stay there for hours. Oh, to have The Avid Reader in Fullerton. Alas, it is not. C’est la vie. Moving on.

A theatre company Ryan was a part of in high school put on a play on Friday night entitled  “Bullshot Crummond.” It was hilarious. If you ever get the chance to see it, do.

On Sunday, we went to a jazz festival in Sacramento. We saw two of Ryan’s old bands perform and they did pretty well. We walked around old town Sacramento and found lots of fun things, most notable in my opinion was a store with a whole section dedicated to Doctor Who memorabilia. Success. On our way out, we also found a taffy/ candy store that allowed customers to take free samples. Passionfruit, cinnamon roll, and maple & bacon were some unexpected delights from that experience.

Ryan’s mother is a Mary Kay consultant, so she gave me a make-over while we were there. To be honest, I was hesitant and quite nervous at first. I am horrible with make-up and cosmetics and have a had negative experiences with them in the past (take a mall kiosk trying to sell make-up, mix that with young, impressionable, self-conscious me wearing basketball shorts and a baggy shirt, and you can imagine the rest). I’m normally freaked out by makeup enough as it is, but now my boyfriend’s mother, who I want to make a good impression on, wants to give me a make over and possibly sell me products. So yes, I was nervous.

But the wonderful thing was that it was not as terrifying as I had built it up to be in my mind! In fact, it was actually fun. I got to try a bunch of products that I didn’t even know existed, and while I don’t think becoming a consultant is in the cards for my future, it was nice to see what she does and what she is passionate about. She also gave me a few products to try out, which was very generous of her! Overall, that whole situation turned out way better than I could have imagined.

Those were most of the big things that happened during our time there. It was such a fun trip, and hopefully I’ll get to go up again sometime in the future!


I hope you, dear reader, had a splendid Memorial Day weekend.

This has been a post.

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