Hope for Tomorrow

People say we learn from the past, and I believe that’s true.

But what is one to do when all their past has taught them is that things won’t work out? That relationship won’t happen. He doesn’t feel the same way. That like it or not, you are and will be alone.

Spoiler alert: this hypothetical “one” is actually me.

I find that I am not prone to hope- at least not for myself. If I look at my past, and decide to judge my decisions off of that, my life could be very bleak. Nothing has ever happened.

I hate that I have allowed that fact to make me so disenchanted about the future, but honestly, I feel like I already know how this is going to end. He won’t feel the way I think he does. He won’t pursue me the way I think he will, and I’ll be left broken, wondering why I ever thought this time would be different.

**EDIT** Sometimes, things are different. Praise God for that beautiful, terrifying, mysterious figment we call change.

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